Rituals are held in this beautiful circle of trees behind the bandshell

Opening Ritual: Land Cleansing
with Leslie Cabot Armstrong & Jeff Cabot

Ritual Description
This is a Ritual to bless the festival with prosperity, and protection, and also to cleanse and bless the park; the land that will be the host.


Rev. Lady Leslie Cabot Armstrong, High Priestess (HPs) and Lord Jeff Cabot Sutton, High Priest (HP) have studied under Rev. Laurie Cabot HPs “The Official Witch” of Salem Massachusetts. 

Lady Leslie and Lord Jeff received their 1st and 2nd degrees in 2008 and received their 3rd degree in 2011 in the Cabot Tradition. In 2011, Lady Leslie and Lord Jeff were initiated as High Priestess/High Priest and were Ordained Reverends in the Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple which was founded by Rev. Laurie Cabot in 2009. The two have been members since its inception. 

The Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple is the first federally recognized Temple of Witchcraft in the history of Salem, MA.

 Lady Leslie and Lord Jeff are married and are the first and only HPs and HP of the Cabot Tradition in Canada. 

In 2012 Leslie was given the title of Lady in a crone ritual. In 2018 Jeff was given the title Lord in a wizarding (Sage) ritual, both held in Salem, MA by Rev. Laurie Cabot HPs. 

In 2016 Lady Leslie and Lord Jeff received the highest honor in the Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple the “Above and Beyond the Call of Duty” Award. 

Lady Leslie counseled and volunteered for four years at the Women’s Federal prison in Ontario. Community work is very important to them both.

Baby Blessing
with Raiwvynn Dusana

Ritual Description
As pagans, we celebrate different milestones in our lives. One such celebration is a baby blessing, or wiccaning. This year we have the unique privilege of performing a baby blessing as part of our Pagan Pride Day celebrations. Please join us as we ask the Elements and the Gods to bless and protect baby Ameyah as she grows and finds her own unique path in the world.


A High Priestess of the Alexandrian tradition, Raiwvynn Dusana has been involved in the pagan community in the Hamilton/Niagara region since 2006. Raiwvynn is a long-time member of Nemeton and has helped with the yearly Women’s Ritual at Hamilton Pagan Pride. She is also part of the founding council of Silver Circle where she regularly teaches classes and performs ritual. Raiwvynn finds great joy in the practical side of her craft.  She has taught at two online pagan schools, sharing her varied interests including: Crystals, herbalism, and ritual. She has also been privileged to assist in Summer Solstice and Samhain rituals for Niagara PaganFest in Niagara Falls.

Closing Ritual
with Silver Circle

Ritual Description
In our closing ritual, we will be calling on the Norns: Wyrd, Verdandi, and Skuld.  We will ask for their help to weave our fates into nine runes that will bring us learning, joy, luck, and protection.  We will use these gifts to support ourselves and our community.  By combining the runes with the witch’s ladder we will create a unique talisman for everyone present.


Andy is a high priest of the Alexandrian tradition and one of the founders of Silver Circle. He was first initiated as a priest in 2009 in Toronto and moved to Hamilton in 2011. Andre Desjardins has had the pleasure of teaching classes and/or performing rituals for several groups including Niagara Falls Paganfest (Purple Pentacle), Toronto Pagan Pride Day, and Hamilton Pagan Pride Day.   

Andre (Andy) Desjardins is a professional tarot card reader and can be reached online or in person for readings at Mysticmartias@gmail.com .  For more information about his readings go to www.mysticmartias.com .  

Silver Circle was founded in April 2019 in Hamilton, Ontario.  This group was created for members of the public to meet in a safe and inclusive environment for ritual and class.  It is home to members of several Wiccan traditions including those following solitary paths.  Silver Circle began by gathering in person but with the advent of Covid-19 has switched classes online and rituals in person.  We currently perform online classes and bi-weekly in-person rituals.  

For more information on Silver Circle, you can find us through the Silver Circle Facebook page, website, or e-mail: