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Schedule of Events

Schedule of Events - Virtual PPD 2020

DateTime (EDT)EventLinkHostNotesCost/Donation
Saturday, September 19, 20207:00 PM EDTOpening RitualPPD 2020 Opening RitualMyke HutchingsJoin Myke Hutchings as he opens the Hamilton Pagan Harvest Festival with a ritual based in the Lothloriën Tradition, welcome the four elements to bring their Magick and bless our online gathering with their energies and spirit!Free
Saturday, September 19, 20208 - 10 PM EDTPPD Fundraiser ConcertPPDH 2020 Online Fundraising ConcertConcert will stream via Online Concert Thing, an online streaming platform created by Ben Deschamps. Online Concert Thing
Ticket link coming soon.... They are doing some work on the website today but as of tmw Aug 12...feel free to go to their website and check out some other awesome concerts they're hosting between now and then!
Fundraiser for PPD via Ticket Sales: $7 US or pay what you can ($9 US will get you a recording of the concert to keep and watch again whenever the mood strikes!) The Hamilton Pagan Harvest Festival has been unable to fundraise this year at all due to COVID and related social distancing laws. Although we have moved online this year, emergency funds are being used to pay all of our speakers and our musicians.
All monies collected from this concert will go to ensuring payment to all involvedl this year as well as supporting next year's HPPD 2021!
So although the minimum is $7 US, please consider donating to support our awesome festival! Tickets now available at PPDH 2020 Online Fundraising Concert
Minimum $7 US Donation. $9 US to get a digital download of the concert
Sunday, September 20, 202010:00 -11:00 AMColour Induced MeditationColour Induced MeditationStephen B. PearlJoin Hamilton author Stephen B. Pearl as he leads us through a series of meditations.
Stephen will discuss the advantages of meditation, guiding participants through two colour induced meditations: one a simple relaxation meditation and the second a simple path-working meditation for gaining personal insight.
Start your Harvest Festival Day off right with this workshop!
Sunday, September 20, 202011:00 AM - 12:00 PMInfusing Your Ritual Practice with Astro-MagickInfusing Your Ritual Practice with Astro-MagickRev. Charly McCrearyNot all pagans study astrology and not all astrologers perform ritual but the overlap between magick and the cosmos is undeniable. In this workshop, we will touch on ways you can combine basic astrological knowledge to supercharge and support your ritual workings so they are even more effective, whether you're on the hunt for a new job, sending healing to the world, or striving to undertake personal improvements. We will discuss how astrological correpondences such as minerals, herbs, colors, days of the week, and planetary hours can support our magickal workings and explore some basic astrological knowledge every Witch should have in their toolkitFree
Sunday, September 20, 202012:00 -1:00 PMTales of Anatolia - from Ankara to HattushaTales of Anatolia - from Ankara to HattushaMorgan SythoveThis is a presentation about the Hittites and their ancient capital of Hattusha. In 2015 I was fortunate enough to go this wonderful ancient site and learn more about how the Hittites lived and worshipped. More than 35 temples were discovered in this city flanked by huge walls and magnificent gates. Lesser is known about the Hittites than the Egyptians, although they were mentioned in the Bible. It was only in the late 19th century that Hattusha, modern day Boğazkale, was discovered. In recent years much has come to light about the Hittites and I certainly wasn't disappointed when I saw the siteFree
Sunday, September 20, 20201:00 -2:00 PMDeveloping a Practical Daily PracticeDeveloping a Practical Daily PracticeBlake Octavian BlairThe importance of a daily practice is touted by many. Many people feel daunted at the prospect as the envision an hour or more a day spent in a monastic like regimen. However, this isn't the necessary reality of developing a daily practice. Practical ways of building a reasonable, maintainable, and most importantly adaptable daily practice in as little as just a few moments a day will be discussed. Your daily practice can flex with you depending on your needs on any given day and by developing a practice you can maintain, you set yourself up for success and reaping its noticeable benefits.Free
Sunday, September 20, 20202:00 - 3:00 PMHonoring the Dead at SamhainHonoring the Dead at SamhainSelena FoxGuiding and supporting individuals, households, and communities in remembering, grieving, and honoring Beloved Dead and Ancestors with altars, meditations, and rituals at Samhain time.Free
Sunday, September 20, 20203:00 -4:00 PMThe Autumn Equinox and the Magick of ColourThe Autumn Equinox and the Magick of Colour.Amy Lou TaylorThe Autumn Equinox is all about change, and this season is one of the most colourful times of the year, so what a wonderful way to talk about the Magick of Colours!
Colour magick is the most effective, yet simple methods of magick to work with. Using the right intentions with the bounty of colour around us at this time of year, there are many ways to utilize what is being discarded in nature to embrace the magick that this season has to offer.
In this online workshop we will discuss how you can embrace the change of this magickal season. I will show you how incorporating things found into your daily magickal practice. Using the fallen leaves and seeds, seed pods, bark and fallen branches of our deciduous trees, and the magick of their meanings. With incorporating colour magick we can embrace change, adapt and bring in the best of Autumns beauty and the harvests of our lives.
Sunday, September 20, 20204:00 - 5:00 PMHPPD International Panel "Online Ritual: Best Practices"HPPD International Panel "Online Ritual: Best Practices"Various: See eventDuring this time of social distancing and isolation, there continue to be many Pagan groups conducting rituals and maintaining their connection with each other via online platforms.
Although online tools such as Zoom/Skype/Google Meet weren't necessarily invented with ritual practice in mind, they have allowed our community to raise & share energy and connect with each other in ritual celebrations on a deep level.
We have invited members of our community from around the globe to join us and share how they have been successfully conducting ritual online.
Sunday, September 20, 20205:00 - 6:00 PMClosing RitualPPDH 2020 Closing RitialVariousThe echoes of last night's songs float through the air. Our minds and spirits are energized with new ideas and practices to bring to our work.
Join our speakers, panelists and other guests along with Janice Cardie and members of the Wiccan Church of Canada in closing the circle for another year!
Janice will be leading a group meditation, ending with a simple ritual which we ask all to take part!
Please have a small pebble, rock or crystal and a vessel of water for the rite and it will be clear when you can take place.
The words for the rite:
"Like a ripple in still water
When a pebble is cast
I send my Magick through the air...