Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

PPD Hamilton Committee

Meet the Team

Drew Maddison – Committee Chair

For a man fluent in so many languages, he is certainly a man of few words.  It is a very good thing his actions speak for themselves.  He may be mild-mannered, but he certainly gets things done.

Kimberly Hornby – Treasurer/Vendors/Website

Kim is “keeper of the keys”, or at least the “books”.  She has the unenviable job of managing the money raised throughout the year and managing the rest of the committee’s desire to spend it. She has also taken on the role of Vendor Coordination. She also has the unenviable task of trying to play what she laughingly calls Vendor Jenga as she tries to ensure a proper mix while also trying to accommodate the various requests. It takes a strong hand with a soft touch to find the proper balance both in Finances and Vendor satisfaction.  Kim has been a member of the pagan community for 16 years and has been an active volunteer for PPD for the past 14 years. In the last few years, Kim has also taken to managing the website including our revamp.

Frank Ryan – Security Coordinator

With both formal education and vast experience, most of his friends simply call him “Mr. Security”.  We all feel safer knowing that Frank is in charge. 

Paul Niziol – Day Coordinator

Paul has been part of Hamilton Pagan Pride Day for many years.  If you have ever been to the festival you will have heard Paul announcing the upcoming workshops.  He is Our very own Town Crier. He also works hard to make sure the right items are delivered to each location during the day. He often refers to himself as the Community Gopher. He is always willing to pitch in and lend a hand wherever he is needed.

Marlyn King – Children’s Activities/Charity Coordinator

To Marlyn, children are not just little people, she believes they are our future.  You can count on Marlyn and her team to be creative and entertaining for everyone involved. Marlyn also oversees our Collection of Food Donations and Cash for Hamilton FoodShare. It is her firm belief that it is important to help those less fortunate and show that they are important and someone does care. She engenders the best in those she touches and with the help of her fellow Members of the WCC Hamilton Temple she helps us manage our Annual Charity Campaign

Debbie Aide – Silent Auction Coordinator

Debbie has helped Pagan Pride Day in a number of capacities over the years. She has been in charge of First Aid, helped man the Main Table and in recent years has acted as Coordinator of the Silent Auction Table. The Silent Auction is an important component of the Annual Charity we support as part of the mandate of Pagan Pride Day. All money collected as a result of the Silent Auction goes to Hamilton FoodShare.

Other Valuable Team Members

John Huculiak

George Thomson

Myke Hutchings