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November 20, 2018
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2018 Workshops and Rituals - Description and Schedules


Aedhain has been a member of the Alexandrian Tradition since 1992. He is a Third Degree Priest of the Alexandrian Tradition. For the past 16 years has been operating a private coven in the Hamilton Area. The coven itself has been in existence since the early 90’s. He has also been High Priest of the Hamilton Temple of the Wiccan Church of Canada since 2002.

"Ask a Witch" Workshop is a chance to ask an old style Witch questions about Witchcraft and Wicca. Aedhain has a broad base of knowledge of various traditions of Wicca and witchcraft. There will also be a discussion about various types of Wicca, Witchcraft, and Traditions.

12 – 1 pm Workshop Topic:  Ask a Witch



Nemeton is a group of vibrant, passionate and wild women of all ages, who gather together to learn, share, encourage and support each other. For 16 years we have met to celebrate women’s mysteries, milestones in our lives and the wheel of the year. Comprised of women who have been pagan for many years to some who are relatively new to their path, we gather monthly for classes, rituals, fellowship and great feasts.

12 – 1 pm Women’s Ritual 2018: There are many meaningful and profound rituals and ceremonies that we as women celebrate. These go further than just birthdays, weddings and funerals. They are the rites that mark not only the happy occasions in our lives but the life passages and changes that we go through physically, emotionally and spiritually. Nemeton invites you to join us for a unique ritual designed to help women heal the hurts and disappointments, and rejoice in the successes that many of us have experienced as we have traveled through the important milestones of our lives. Whether you have previously marked these important moments in your life or not, we invite you to reclaim the rites that empower and transform our lives as women.


1 - 1:30 pm Children’s activities Featured storyteller Bella

Auntie Begonia went on vacation in early August and sent to her namesake Bella a long letter which she wishes to be read to the children and the young of heart who attend HPPD. Bella and her Trusty Musty have flown down the highway to share this letter of Winnie's and Begonia's misadventure. There will be only one reading of this letter because Bella and Trusty may be too tired for a second one... from all that flying....


Amy Taylor

For over 30 years Amy Taylor has been a Tea Enthusiast and a professional Tea Leaf Reader. She is a THAC Certified Tea Sommelier and is the sole owner of The Art of Tea and Tasseomancy and TAoTaT's Mystic Tearoom on Ottawa Street North in Hamilton, a business space she shares with Obskurah Bazaar. Amy is in the process writing a book about the mystical side of Tea. Amy has been teaching Tasseomancy for 18 years and about Tea for 11 years. She also has been featured, interviewed and quoted in many articles, blog posts, other media and social outlets as an authority on Tasseomancy.

In her spiritual life she is Pagan and has been walking the Mystical Hedgewitch Path for over 30+ years. She is also a British Traditional Wiccan (Gardnerian) High Priestess with over 20+ years in that tradition. Amy has also been presenting programs, organizing events and volunteering her time to the Southern Ontario Pagan Community for 25+ years. Amy is also a Community Herbalist and Horticulturalist, author and artist. In her private time she is an avid organic gardener as well as a committee member, administrator and treasurer for the Hamilton Gage Park Community Garden. Amy’s home gardens are The 2017 Monarch Awards winner, and a 2016 Awards finalist. For more information please visit

1 – 2 pm Workshop topic: Coming of Age :Herbs for the stages of Life


Terrie Brookins

Rev Terrie Brookins is a Lay chaplain with the Clergy Support Memorial Church and licensed by the Province of Ontario to perform weddings. She is also an ordained Reverend in good standing with the Universal Life Church Monastery, a working witch and a practical pagan.

1 - 2 pm Workshop: "Coming of Age: Neo-Crones & Neo-Sages:

When we look at the stereotype of common idea of "coming of Age, too often we cast our minds to the youngsters, the generation after our own who we hope will carry on our ways. However, we're missing several pieces of the puzzle. Join Terrie as she leads a discussion delving into the topic.


Myke Hutchings

Myke Hutchings is a professional musician and Lay Minister for the Rowan Tree Church, a practitioner of the Lothloriën tradition of Wicca.  As an Earth-based religion, we celebrate the seasons and the cycles of life. We recognize that Truth is found in many cultures around the world and draw our archetypes from many paths. What makes Lothloriën unique is our acceptance of all people regardless of their culture, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, religion or sexual orientation.

Myke's work with the church includes curating and maintaining historic recordings of the Rowan Tree Church and its founder Rev. Paul Beyerl as well as bringing the church's musical and bardic traditions into the future.  His most recent work for the Rowan Tree Church has been a recording of the music and chants used throughout its rituals and ceremonies - which is now available through the church's Bandcamp page.

1:10 - 1: 50 Workshop topic: Building and maintaining Astral Temples

Working from a distance with other members of your tradition can lead to a sense of disconnection and uncertainty.  By creating an Astral Temple, you can create a common "working space" that you as a group can draw upon.  Learn how a tradition with members spread across the globe, both free and incarcerated, has created a way of connecting in a shared, sacred space where all can contribute, using meditation, trance and visualization.



2 - 3 pm Workshop topic: Rites of Passage.

From birth to death, we all go through various stages in our lives. Days and events that we honour, celebrate and look forward to. Birthdays, graduations, weddings, baby showers and deaths are commonly marked by today’s society but there are also stages and events that are often forgotten/overlooked; age of reason, first blood, trimesters, croning/saging. Come and join with the women of Nemeton to discuss these milestones as well as others that you may not be familiar with


Caroline Whitehead

Caroline is a professional tarot consultant with Maple Tree Tarot.  She is a practicing Druid, Chaos Mage, and provides many services including tarot, tasseomancy, palmistry, house cleansings, custom spell writing, and palliative spiritual care.  Caroline lives in London Ontario.

2 - 3 pm Workshop Topic:  Into the West- Ethical options for Pagan Funerals.



James the “Stonecarver”

James has been working with stone and crystals for many years. Often found at festivals and many Hamilton Art scenes and festivals. He is well know for the selection of stones, crystals, fossils and minerals that he brings with him. He is especially known for his work in carving art on them.

3 - 330 (345) pm Workshop topic: Stone carving 101 and tools to use. Join Stonecarver as he takes you through an introduction to safely carving stone and what tools work bst d where to find them.


Wiccan Church of Canada – Hamilton Temple

The WCC is a public Wiccan church that has been in existence for over 25 years. Currently we offer public rituals and classes in Toronto and Hamilton. It has been an advocate for diversity since its inception.

430 - 5 Closing Ritual 2018