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November 20, 2018
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Let us know of events coming up that you would like to share. Send your info to

Confirmed Workshops and Traditions
PicturePresenter's BioSorted By Presenter's Bio In Ascending OrderWorkshop Title and Description
Picture*Niagara Voodoo Shrine; Conjure of the Underground Railroad.Join Members of the Niagara Voodoo Shrine and the Dragon Ritual Drummers, to share in the conjures of Harriet "Mama Moses" Tubman and the spirits of the Underground Railroad. The Underground and its legacy brought conjure and various spiritual practices to the north and into Canada, as the freedom seekers fled bondage. Harriet Tubman, whose track ended in St. Catharines, brought many renowned conjurers, root doctors and like Mama Moses herself, diviners. Through discussion, spirituals, drums and prayer, we will share some of the energy and conjures of the Underground Railroad.
PictureAndrea Connell
New Leaf Metaphysics
New Thought. New Health. New Life.
Introduction to Sacred Geometry and The Platonic Solids
In this 1 hr. mini course we explore the phenomena of Sacred Geometry and our universe as an expression of spiritual mathematics. Pythagorean philosophy observes that our universe is built up from innumerable triangles. This mathematical precision expresses throughout natural kingdoms and the Arts as created by man.
The 5 platonic Solids are the building blocks of all physical matter, including our DNA. In this class you will learn the role and purpose of these sacred geometric structures, their relationship to the 5 elements and how to use them to balance and harmonize your state of health and well-being.
 Brad Wilson
Brad began practicing Qigong in 1886 while living in China, teaching English as a Second Language. Upon returning Brad continued on with a Chinese group in which he was the token white guy, then with Bill Marsh, a well respected healer and teacher in Hamilton. Brad was a Registered Massage Therapist and Taiji teacher for many years. He combines therapeutic massage techniques with Qigong/energy work, Craniosacral Therapy, and a variety of bodywork modalities. Presently, Brad teaches
Qigong is an ancient form of healing and spiritual practice, a systematic discipline rarely taught in the west. It combines movement, postures, breath-work, mild stretches, focus and meditation. In its principles it is quite similar to some forms of yoga although it has developed in China. Qigong literally means 'energy work' or 'energy skills.' Qi might be defined as spiritual energy or life force. Working with Qi consists of circulating, shielding, clearing, strengthening, increased storing, as well as developing awareness and sensitivity to spiritual energy. Much of this is done through the processes of removing energetic blockages, and balancing the energy from the standpoint of the elements. This is gentler and much more sophisticated system than Reiki.
 Catherine Starr is Wiccan High Priestess and an elder in several different traditions. Active in the Pagan community for twenty-five years, she continues to lead groups and perform public rituals. She is a former First Officer of Covenant of the Goddess, and represented CoG at the Parliament of World Religions Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. She continues interfaith work as the coordinator for the University of Toronto Campus Chaplains Association as the Wiccan chaplain.The Eleusinian Mysteries were annual rituals held in Athens and Eleusis that lasted over 2,000. They honoured Demeter and Persephone and have many aspects of a harvest festival as well an initiation into a mystery tradition. Catherine has done research into these rituals and celebrated them as part of a yearly ritual in the NROOGD tradition. She will talk about some of the research as well as how these rituals have been recreated.
PictureDeborah Grant A practicing pagan since 1998, I have been both a solitaire practitioner, as well as currently I am a member of the Hamilton Wiccan Church Temple. I also was Staff for ten years at Spirits of the Earth Festival just outside of London, where I learned the joy of participating in rituals wearing elaborate costumes and masks, as well as fairy wings. My love of that has me wanting to share some of the easy costume ideas, starting with the fairly wings.During this workshop participants will learn how to make brightly colored, glittering , delicate fairly wings out of painted knee high nylons and wire hangers. They will apply glitter, sparkles, flowers and ribbons to finish them off. Once finished you can take them home. We will be using both hot glue gun and we will be using lit incense sticks, so parental assistance is a must for anyone under the age of 12. There is a $5 fee in order to cover supplies. Class limit of 10 persons.
PictureRev. Paul Beyerl
Founder: The Hermit’s Grove, est. 1994 1.3 acres of herbal/perennial gardens with over 600 species providing the student with access to studies in gardening and botanical medicine leading to certification by The Hermit’s Grove as a Master Herbalist; access to a 3000 volume library of books on healing and wellness; classes in botanical medicine and related fields. Also founder of The Rowan Tree Church, a Wiccan religious organization with federal recognition, legally incorporated in 1980, editor and publisher of several publications.
Web Site: Editor: The Hermit’s Lantern, est. 1994 A monthly publication edited and published by Beyerl. Primary audience: students and clients of Beyerl scattered throughout North America; articles on botanical medicine, herbs and related fields. Educator: Courses in herbal medicine and related fields since 1977
“I am the beauty of the green Earth...” These stellar words by Doreen Valiente permeate modern Wicca. What does the “green Earth” offer you? Welcome to the “secret world” of a renowned Master Herbalist and Wiccan Priest. What can we learn from the green world? Author of The Master Book of Herbalism. Beyerl’s work and research goes far beyond this top selling Wiccan herbal. Insight into the Secret Name of any plant species as well as your familiar’s and even of other humans. Beyerl, well-known Herbal and Wiccan author, will share with you fascinating information, including this powerful yet simple magical secret: how to learn the secret identity (soul name) of just about any plant or creature. And then...Did you know that there is a secret mythology known in the plant world, and that this green world of the Goddess has its own sacred books? Long ago, an herbalist was granted permission to descend into the Otherworld and the Devas – the plant spirits- granted him leave to copy some of these sacred texts and bring them back. Beyerl will present a story-telling ritual, which not only teaches some of the great Mysteris but is fun and will give your inner child a most magical time.
PictureRochelle Martin, RN, MDiv
Rochelle is a Registered Nurse with specialty certification in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, living in Hamilton, Ontario. With professional experience in emergency and acute psychiatry, sexual assault and domestic violence, and palliative care, she also hold a Master of Divinity degree from the University of Toronto, and has provided pastoral care in a variety of interfaith health and social service settings. Recently certified as an End-of-Life and Home Funeral-Care Guide (Beyond Hospice, 2012), She supports families before, during, and after the death of a loved one, in both expected and traumatic circumstances. In our death-denying culture, we are not used to seeing, let alone “touching” death. It is inspiring to witness families who courageously choose to sit with, hold, cry over, and care for the body of a loved one who has died. This presence with a loved one after death, though initially daunting for some, is often surprisingly “doable” and ends up coming naturally. After the fact, families will describe these moments or days of after-death care as an invaluable final expression of love, imperative in their process of saying good-bye.
The call of the Dark Mother. At some point we need to think about what will we want for a service, how do you want to be celebrated or remembered? Doest it really cost 25,000 for a funeral in Ontario? What am I allowed to have as a service? All to often we forget to spell out what we would prefer leaving family members to make these choices for us – sometimes not representing what we have spent a lifetime believing. Join Rochelle as she demystifies the funeral industry and enlightens us on a more celebratory call from the Dark Mother.
Helmut has been studying and working as a smith for more than four decades, and studying magic as it applies to smithing and creating for the last three decades. He has been making quality ritual tools got the Pagan community for most of that time.

Metal and Magic - Metal is all around us, in our homes, at our work and even in our blood. Its presence effects everything we do, it even influences how magic works around us. But it follows very specific and predictable rules that are universal. This workshop will outline those rules and how metal can work for us magically.

Tahira Badre Owner of Goddess Emerging Dance Studio, Tahira has been teaching/performing for over 30 yrs. Featured soloist in The Arabian Sahara Dance Co. for 17 yrs., recipient of Woman of Courage Award in Oct. 2012, Certified 5 Tibetan’s Yoga Instructor, Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Master. Professionally produced highly acclaimed Bellydance Fitness Workout DVD set. Master bellydance instructor/choreographer from beginner to professional level Facebook – Tahira Badre and Goddess Emerging Dance Studio YouTube – Tahira Badre

Ancient Art of Bellydance Discover the magic of this ancient performing art in a fun, informal setting. Tahira and her students will show you the basic body isolations and dance moves that will connect you to your spirit and bring joy to your heart. The music is irresistible!

PictureMartyn Kendrick and Andrea Connell. Martyn was born in England, and grew up in the industrial north end of Hamilton, Ontario. He attended St. John's College in Annapolis, Maryland, was classically trained and left to become a monk, a wanderer, a corporate communications consultant, an editor, a teacher, a scoundrel, a journalist, and is now, happily, a writer. A dynamic speaker and workshop leader, he lectures throughout North America on creativity, entrepreneurs and sustainable development. He has authored six books." He will build the labyrinth from 9 - 11 and then be joined by Andrea Connell.Now materializing for one day only the Gage Park Labyrinth. Come on out and watch renowned designer Martyn Kendrick as he designs a temporary Labyrinth on our site.
Want to Showcase your Tradition?

Hamilton Pagan Pride Day will be hosting an opportunity to tell others about your particular Tradition, path or even an education Opportunity such as an open learning circle, a pagan seminary (yes they exist) on September 15th 9-4pm. To celebrate this year’s theme Gathering Together the Seeds of Pagan Diversity.

If you are wise, creative and talented and interested in hosting a workshop please submit your completed form

• Topic overview.

• A brief Bio about yourself.

  • Note any special requirements such as; electricity, table or chairs etc.

Please note:

• Your Presentation should be 45 minutes in length.

• Appeal to those wanting to learn more about your Tradition, Path or Education opportunity and maybe learn how to join or participate.

• Preferably celebrating this year’s theme Gathering Together the Sown Seeds of Pagan diversity. (Not a must)

• Presentations are held outdoors, so we do not have such things as white boards, easels etc. You are however welcome to bring your own

• This is a separate stream from the discussions.

As well you may bring literature for the info table but please take any left over with you at the end of the day. Feel free to use your imagination to create interesting and unique ideas for your presentation.

The deadline is August 1st for application submissions.

However it is anticipated that we will have a large number of submissions so, cut off may occur sooner at the committee’s discretion.

You will also be showcased on our website, the program, in our social media and also local media opportunities may be made available. So the earlier you submit the more free publicity and awareness you may receive.

So to the wise, knowledgeable who wish to impart their understanding, of your Traditions, Paths or Education Opportunities, gather you passions and structure your thoughts tell us what you would like to share with your community.

Submit all applications to