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PPD Hamilton's Annual Harvestfest

November 20, 2018
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Confirmed Workshops and Traditions
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Aidhain, High Priest and Witch. Aidhain first came to the Craft in 1982 as a member of an eclectic coven, before he began his training in the Alexandrian Tradition in 1988. Since that time he has followed the old Religion and now has the honour to serve the Gods as High Priest of a private Coven as well as serving as High Priest to the Hamilton Temple of the Wiccan Church of Canada

Alexandrian Tradition was created by Alex Saunders in the early 1960s in England, along with his Wife Maxine. It is believed to be an offshoot of Gardnerian Wicca, which Alex Saunders trained in. It is one of the better known British Traditional Witchcraft branches of Wicca and has many similarities to Gardnerian Wicca.

Amy Taylor is a Pagan, A Gardnerian Wiccan High Priestess, a Tasseomancer, a Hedgewitch, an organic gardener, a traditional herbalist and horticulturalist, an author and an environmentalist. She is the sole owner of The Art of Tea and Tasseomancy, a business with a focus on all things tea, including tea leaf reading. She has been active in the Ontario Pagan community for over 20 years and organizes and presents workshops at many gatherings.

Tasseomancy : The Art of Telling Futures and Fortunes Using the Tea Leaves. Tasseomancy is the Art and Practice of divination by the interpretation of symbolic patterns made by tea leaves in a teacup. It hearkens back to days of old and the Inductive divinatory art form of the Shamans. Interpreting symbols and formations made by random objects. Join Amy as she talks about how this form of divination came to be the Art it is today. She will cover its history and origins, the tools used and the forms it is done in. This is an interactive and fun presentation for people of all ages."

Gardnerian Wicca Join Amy Taylor, a Gardnerian High Priestess who lives in Hamilton, for an interactive discussion about one of the first Wiccan traditions.

Hedgewitchery A Hedgewitch is a path within a tradition that is somewhat shamanic in nature, for lack of a better term. There are many different titles that those who follow this inner tradition are called. Such as; Hedge-Rider, Hedgewitch, Night Travelers Myrk-Riders and Walkers on the Wind. As a continuation of last years presentation, Amy will teach a simple Hedgewitchery craft suitable for the coming of Mabon, 2nd Harvest, Autumn Equinox September 21st. All ages are welcome.

Helmut has been studying and working as a smith for more than four decades, and studying magic as it applies to smithing and creating for the last three decades. He has been making quality ritual tools got the Pagan community for most of that time.

Creation Magic "Creation magic can be both the strongest and the most subtle magic to work, it can come from within you or from the elements. It can help you to make an item, modify its powers, its intent and its influence. With the right energy it can be as subtle as a nuclear bomb or whispers in dreams. This workshop is about creating inanimate objects of power only, sex magic is another class.

Janice Cardie, High Priestess, 3rd degree

Wiccan Church of Canada was founded in Toronto in 1979 by Richard and Tamarra James and their coven of the time. They wanted to start a public Wiccan organization, because they felt that the traditional coven structure made it difficult for newcomers to find their way into the Craft, and in particular for people who were still uncertain to be able to find out whether Wicca was for them without having to make a commitment that they might not be able to keep. They wanted to create a space where those who followed a Wiccan belief system but were not called to an initiatory path could worship the gods with others. The Wiccan Church of Canada is an open Wiccan temple offering teaching, rituals, and training to the public. Drawing on the resources available in our own community and from the Toronto temple, we are a diverse, accepting, caring, and welcoming group of people united by our love of the Gods and our own journeys.

John “Corvus” Huculiak (B.A. R&C, accredited Spiritual Care Worker, Divination Practitioner / Omnimancer, & Dharma Teacher) is a Romani Wayfarer, who is part of the Earth-based Spirituality movement in Canada; wearing many hats – Legal Wedding & Ritual Officiant, Spiritual Care Visitor Divination, Practitioner / Omnimancer, and Freelance Researcher & Lecturer for over 20 years. Former co-organizer of Toronto & Kitchener/ Waterloo Pagan Pride Days, he hopes to continue assisting others from all walks of Life in their own spiritual endeavours. His most esteemed titles are Husband & Father, currently delving in the continuing mysteries of Parenthood with his Beloved Wife. For more information on his services, lecture topics, or for his C.V. or a list of his references, please feel free to contact him at

Romani Tradition Come for an introductory discussion touching on the histories, cultures, spiritual practices of the Rromani. Debunking some fallacies surrounding this mysterious and misunderstood ethnic group, John Corvus will show how understanding the Wandering Nation (a.k.a. Gypsies), bring deeper meaning to many Neo-Pagan practices."

Kevin Silverstag is a member of Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF, and is the Grove Organizer of Daoine dhen Tamais, a Druid group centered in London, Ontario.

Druidry 101 Who were the ancient Druids and what does it mean to be a modern Druid today? This workshop will present an introduction to Druidry. Topics will include what we know about the ancient Druids, the history of modern Druidry, and an overview of contemporary approaches to this path. Special emphasis will be placed on addressing areas of interest to attendees.

Lady M has been a professional tarot reader since 1992. She has enjoyed helping people find their way, resolve issues and improve their lives. Lady M has also been teaching tarot reading since 2002. She started teaching because she discovered that many people want to know how to do tarot reading, but often reach a point and stop because they have become frustrated or confused by the many different instructions, meanings and reading layouts.

Tarot Card Reading for beginners This workshop is for people interested in learning how to read tarot cards and for people who have started learning about tarot cards but are having difficulty. It includes how to find the right deck of tarot cards for you. How to make a tarot card deck yours. How to learn the tarot cards and simple layouts. And most important how to see past the pictures and discover what the cards mean to you, not the people who made the cards or instruction book. If you have a deck of cards please bring them with you.

Lidia Tremblay has been a workshop leader in various Pagan festivals, including WiccanFest, Brantford Meet and Greet, as well as the Hamilton Pagan Pride Day. After attaining her 2nd degree in the Alexandrian Tradition, she began to practice a more eclectic paganism. She has also founded the Red Tent Temple Hamilton, a woman’s group which searches for the Sacred Feminine within themselves and others. Recently, she has also published a book entitled Points of the Pentagram, an autobiographical account of the dreams, visions, rituals, and other material that explores human spirituality.

Urban Crone Times change, as do the roles that we have come to see through ancient archetypes. In this workshop, Lidia will discuss her own experiences as she entered her Crone years. Using the Crone Goddesses as her guides, she will discuss how changing times bring changing perception to this important phase in life.

"Reality of Dreams and Visions We all dream and have occasional visions. Are they simply our imagination, or are there deeper meanings behind these experiences? Lidia will explore the history of cultural mythology dealing with the visions and how they can help us in our lives today. Dreams have baffled humanity since the beginning of time. Even today, scientists do not really understand or know why we dream, In this segment, Lidia will talk about the various ways dreams can be approached and understood on a personal level.

Ralph Lembcke has been an avid “Discipulus Veneficus” (“student of the occult”) for over 37 years. He has facilitated many professionally presented workshops in the southern Ontario area at various community events. A teacher by profession, Ralph is an experienced ritualist and has written and contributed to rituals in various traditions and capacities. He is a practicing ceremonialist in the Golden Dawn & Solomonic Traditions, was initiated into a Wiccan tradition on the full moon of Friday, October 13th 2000 and is also a 3rd degree master mason. He is the founder and Magister of the Order of the Temple of Archallem (OTA), a private ceremonial magic lodge for which he has developed ritual magic curriculum from probationer through to third degree initiate. The Order counts renowned occultists and authors Lon Milo DuQuette and John Michael Greer among its esteemed members. Ralph can be reached by contacting: OTA ORDER OF THE TEMPLE OF ARCHALLEM ©2013, OTA

Ceremonial Magic Come learn about one of the older paths in Paganism. Components of Ceremonial Magic can be found today in many aspects of several pagan practises. This workshop will explain what Ceremonial Magic is and how it is practised and taught by the London Temple. Meet the Head of Temple and have a chance to learn about the temple and classes.

Reverend Lady Leslie Cabot Armstrong & Reverend Jeff Cabot Sutton "Leslie & Jeff have studied with Rev. Laurie Cabot HPs for many years. They have been initiated by the high preist and high priestess of the Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple personally by Laurie Cabot. The official witch of Salem. They are counselors, spiritual advisors, and are the first certified teachers of the Science of Witchcraft First Degree of the Cabot Tradition. In Canada, Leslie & Jeff have followed the old traditions for many years, before finding their path in the Cabot Tradition."

Spell Writing An interactive spell writing workshop. Learn how to use the correct wording, when to use the Moon and planets. This workshop is open to all that want to learn. Please bring a notebook and pen. There will be spell oil available for purchase, magically charged by Lady Leslie; which can be used with any spell. Only $13 for a 3 dram bottle.

Shelley Carter Local tarot reader and enthusiast, Shelley Carter has always supported local artists and has continued to do so with the creative idea of developing a unique “made in Elora” deck. On a Tarot tour to Italy and France in the fall of 2011, Shelley met a number of people who had created Tarot decks. It seemed a natural development, coming from a community of artists, to have the idea to create a Tarot deck together. She ran the idea past a few artist friends, who really liked the concept, and from there the Elora Tarot Deck Project was born! A Tarot deck is a perfect venue for a group project - each card is an individual work of art on its own, and then becomes part of a larger piece as a collaboration. Shelley is very excited by the spirit with which the artists and the community have embraced this project.

The Tarot and the Elora Tarot Project. Shelly will take us through a brief history of the Tarot and how the Elora Project came to be. Come be part of local magical history as the deck is revealed at it's first major venue. Freshly lauched two days before in Fergus at the Wellington County Museum, this is the first time the deck will be available. Come learn abot tarot and how each of the cards in this new deck have come to be represented via the work of many Southern Ontario artists from the Elora area. Each card was crafted in the artists favourite medium and then captured on card for the deck The originals varied from every meduim imaginable - metal, mixed media, paints etc. This workshop will facinate you as Shelly takes you from the start of tarot to this new edition.

Stephen B. Pearl has followed a primarily Neo-Egyptian path for nearly thirty years. His personal working tools embrace the spirit of Egyptian practice and provide insights into the wisdom of this ancient system of metaphysics. Stephen is also a professional author with several novels ranging from Pagan friendly to Pagan Centric. For more please visit his website at:

Neo-Egyptian Tools and their uses. An examination of the alter tools used in one form of Neo-Egyptian practice featuring the Crook and Flail, winged disk, mirror of Hathor and others. The distinction between Egyptian high and low magic will be discussed as Well as why this system is perhaps even more pertinent today than in earlier times. "

Fiction, our ambassador to the masses. A examination / discussion of how fiction informs the population at large about Paganism in all its forms and how it can be used, and is used, to dispel the lies and misrepresentations of ages past. Also how to use it so that one doesn't come off as preachy or having an agenda.

Tahira Badre Owner of Goddess Emerging Dance Studio, Tahira has been teaching/performing for over 30 yrs. Featured soloist in The Arabian Sahara Dance Co. for 17 yrs., recipient of Woman of Courage Award in Oct. 2012, Certified 5 Tibetan’s Yoga Instructor, Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Master. Professionally produced highly acclaimed Bellydance Fitness Workout DVD set. Master bellydance instructor/choreographer from beginner to professional level Facebook – Tahira Badre and Goddess Emerging Dance Studio YouTube – Tahira Badre

Ancient Art of Bellydance Discover the magic of this ancient performing art in a fun, informal setting. Tahira and her students will show you the basic body isolations and dance moves that will connect you to your spirit and bring joy to your heart. The music is irresistible!

Want to Showcase your Tradition?

Hamilton Pagan Pride Day will be hosting an opportunity to tell others about your particular Tradition, path or even an education Opportunity such as an open learning circle, a pagan seminary (yes they exist) on September 15th 9-4pm. To celebrate this year’s theme Gathering Together the Seeds of Pagan Diversity.

If you are wise, creative and talented and interested in hosting a workshop please submit your completed formpdficon_smallword iconoutlining the following:

• Topic overview.

• A brief Bio about yourself.

  • Note any special requirements such as; electricity, table or chairs etc.

Please note:

• Your Presentation should be 45 minutes in length.

• Appeal to those wanting to learn more about your Tradition, Path or Education opportunity and maybe learn how to join or participate.

• Preferably celebrating this year’s theme Gathering Together the Sown Seeds of Pagan diversity. (Not a must)

• Presentations are held outdoors, so we do not have such things as white boards, easels etc. You are however welcome to bring your own

• This is a separate stream from the discussions.

As well you may bring literature for the info table but please take any left over with you at the end of the day. Feel free to use your imagination to create interesting and unique ideas for your presentation.

The deadline is August 1st for application submissions.

However it is anticipated that we will have a large number of submissions so, cut off may occur sooner at the committee’s discretion.

You will also be showcased on our website, the program, in our social media and also local media opportunities may be made available. So the earlier you submit the more free publicity and awareness you may receive.

So to the wise, knowledgeable who wish to impart their understanding, of your Traditions, Paths or Education Opportunities, gather you passions and structure your thoughts tell us what you would like to share with your community.

Submit all applications to